Quality Policy of OGRIC-METALING d.o.o. is the source on what we build and continuously improve our quality system, and because it contains what we consider most important elements of our overall business philosophy:

1.     RESPONSIBILITY OF ADMINISTRATION – Company management is responsible for the introduction and application. The decision on the introduction and implementation of quality systems is an expression of our overall business philosophy and commitment to a lasting expression of the principles of international business norms.

 2.       SATISFIED CUSTOMERS – The only objective measure of the quality of our products and services are – our customers. We are here to satisfy their requirements and needs. Satisfied customers are the guarantee of our survival and business success.

3.       PROCESS OF CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT – Nothing in our system is so good that it could not be better. All business processes are governed by the procedures prescribed, but always work on whether it is the best way and how we can simplify things and improve.

 4.       TECHNOLOGICAL WORK AND DISCIPLINE – What sets us apart from competitors is an expert, trained and motivated staff, with outstanding technological and labor discipline. Each operation in the execution of our products and services requires the maximum technological discipline and constant attention to the work.

5.       SATISFIED EMPLOYEES – We want good and quality  work place for our employees to feel comfortable in their working environment, because we believe that what we can provide it will give better results for our company and society.